The following are options you can set for DQL. Options are set with opt <option> <value>, and you can see the current option value with opt <option>

width int / auto Number of characters wide to format the display
pagesize int / auto Number of results to get per page for queries
display less / stdout The reader used to view query results
format smart / column / expanded Display format for query results
allow_select_scan bool If True, SELECT statement can perform table scans


DQL also allows you to be careful how much throughput you consume with your queries. Use the throttle command to set persistent limits on all or some of your tables/indexes. Some examples:

# Set the total allowed throughput across all tables
> throttle 1000 100
# Set the default allowed throughput per-table/index
> throttle default 40% 20%
# Set the allowed throughput on a table
> throttle mytable 10 10
# Set the allowed throughput on a global index
> throttle mytable myindex 40 6

See help throttle for more details, and use unthrottle to remove a throttle. You can also set throttles on a per-query basis with the THROTTLE keyword.